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What Colors Mean for Your Blog


When you’re starting a blog, you have a lot to think about. You have to decide on the focus of your blog, what kind of media

you’ll produce, and how often you’ll put out content.

You’ll think about what message you want to give your readers and how the content and design of your blog is going to do that. If you can find the right look for your website — between the layout, colors, fonts, and images — you will create the perfect place to post articles, bring in readers and advertisers, and boost your online presence.

Give your blog a makeover

Whether you’re creating a new blog or your website has had the same look for a while now, you can benefit from thinking about how to improve the look of your site. Having a strong online presence through a successful blog can lead to job opportunities and partnerships, so you want a blog that is professional, personal, and worth reading.

While creating regular content is important, the design of your website is just as necessary for its success. When you look at other blogs that bring in a lot of readers, you’ll notice that the key to having a profitable and popular blog is a combination of original content, unique and effective design, and a strong presence on social media sites.

The first step to creating a successful blog is creating a space you’ll enjoy posting in. You want to find the happy medium of professional, simple, and easy to navigate, while still adding your own personal touch.

Why it’s Important to choose the right colors

Colors have more influence than you might realize. We may not be aware of it, but colors constantly create specific negative and positive emotions, and they can affect people differently.

Yellow may be seen as bright, happy, and joyous, or it could feel sickly. A green can be calming and tranquil in some instances, but in a different setting people might associate it with greed or envy. Colors can evoke feelings of comfort, trust, femininity or masculinity, energy, or relaxation. They are a central tool in art, movies, theatre, and especially in advertising.

There’s a reason so many companies use red or yellow in their logo. Bright, inviting colors not only attract customers’ attention, but can influence their choices. In very little time, a simple logo creates an image and a reputation for the company and leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

Keeping all of this in mind when choosing a color palette for your blog can help you present your blog and yourself in the best way possible.

Drawing people to your website

You can find your audience in a number of ways. You’re more likely to bring in readers if you employ a variety of strategies. Starting with the right colors and finding your voice on the site tend to create the right conditions to attract interested readers.

From there, you can take your content to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest and expand your reach. You might even discover that the content from your site does better on more specific, offbeat, or novel social media sites, and that you can bring in more readers who are interested in your site from less popular but more specialized social media sites and forums than the general ones like Facebook and Twitter.

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