Scoble is iCult, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

When Nick Denton leaves Valleywag tomorrow, to focus on his forthcoming book I will miss one thing. Not that much Denton as Valleywag editor, but the hunt for Narcissus or all the pokery at Robert Scoble, the most overrated blogger around.

I just almost felt out of my comfy desk chair when Scoble’s most recent entry popped up in my Google reader.

Today at the party we’ll have a bunch of non cult members over (ie, those who think it’s idiotic to wait in line for two days to buy a device).

Did I miss a memo or did Scoble become an Apple fan boy over night, because he has just spent 34 hours outside under the burning Palo Alto sun, together with a bunch of other idiots he knows since years, waiting in line to be one of the first ones to have an iPhone. Actually Scoble even didn’t have the money to buy an iPhone for himself, but this narcissistic phenomena bought one for his wife and his son, Patrick, had more savings than his dad and also got himself an iPhone.

Scoble iCult

When did Narcissus become a Microsoft hater? Or is he just riding the waves of popularity.
IMNSHO, it is moronic to cue 36 hours outside, for an electronic gadget, especially if only some hours later you can just walk into the store and get one. Without having to stand in the line.

I wonder what Nick Denton Fake Steve Jobs thinks about Scoble declaring himself iCult. Without even owning an iPhone.

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