When did disclosure become tell your life?

full-disclosureThe thing with blogging is that people tend to overshare. Even in today’s people tend to share way too much online, on their blog.

For probloggers there’s another issue: disclosure. Here at JOAB we obviously couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ about disclosure. Proud we are about it as well, because imagine how silly things are if you become one of those people who really tell everything they are not supposed to even share with their friends, unless they really want to. Today I stumbled on one of these examples. TUAW’s Robert Palmer has since a long time been running a series about His Dad, the switcher and recently bought his dad’s switch mini Mac. Now he hooked it up to a new TV and tis is where the all telling comes in:

This was the new arrival. It’s beautiful, but a little spendy, at $2100. The 120Hz refresh rate is amazing, and works great with the Mac mini. (A version with a respectable 60Hz refresh rate is much less at $900.) Full disclosure, though: I got mine through a cousin who works at a Sony plant here locally, and was able to shave nearly half off the price through a friends-and-family sale.

I do not understand why the fact of having friends/family who can do a favour needs to be disclosed. It’s life, not a conflict of interest. Grow up, you darn bloggers!

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