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How to Blog Right to Grab Attention

Blogging today is no longer limited to the hobbyists or those who

simply blog to share their personal experiences. Even business owners and companies now utilize this tool to reach out to their target market. And they’re definitely on the right track. What matters in blogging is you continue to learn about the latest in utilizing this tool and not stop at what you now know. Here, we share some tips from the experts that you can practice moving forward. Leo Widrich, co-founder of the BufferApp pointed out the importance of treating articles as the product. This means that if you’re writing posts, think about

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its usefulness to people and if it worth’s paying for. Make sure that you write on topics that people are interested in and provides tips that can help solve their issues. It has to be well researched with statistics if possible to spark the interest of your visitors when dropping by your blog. Widrich also added that business owners should never forget to reply to comments on their blogs. This will make visitors know that you’re listening and that you value their opinions. For his part, Jim Belosic who is CEO and co-founder of Shortstack said there’s nothing more valuable than creating original content and sharing your own images and videos. This, he added, improves a blog’s SEO as there’s a big chance other bloggers will link to your post and images. But again, make sure that your photo is relevant to the topic you’re discussing in your article. Search engines are very particular about relevancy so keep that in mind. Meanwhile, Emeric Ernoult shares that he only shares his best ever content. Quality blog posts, he said, means sharing content based on your expertise without asking for a fee. When people read and learn from your posts, they often see you as an expert and when you continue with what you do, it’s not impossible that you’ll get more clients in the end. Finally, don’t forget to engage your audience by asking questions at the end of your post or encouraging them to comment on what you’ve written. Make sure to reply to their comments as well. Photo via

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