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How to Share Your Music on Your Blog

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great way to capture attention on the internet and you can share it in many avenues free of charge. We all know that YouTube is the top social media site where internet users turn to for music and videos. But there’s also another way to stream your favorite songs online and this is through your blog. Music Stream in Blog Streaming music on your blog or blog post is not as complicated as some of you think. It’s an effective way to set the mood when people visit your blog and read your posts. A popular method in doing this is to embed a video music from YouTube. All you need is get the embed HTML code and then insert it in your blog or blog post. Remember that when you create or edit a post in your blog, it needs to be in HTML so you can easily add the embed code in there. Make sure as well that you preview your post before publishing it so you’ll know that your player is working fine. Once you’ve published it, try the player again to ensure that it is working properly. If you want to stream a playlist, however, you will need to use music stream services. These online services allow users to download MP3 music and videos in the thousands or even in the millions at no cost at all and without legal impediments. The popular ones are Spotify, Rdio, Grooovetube and BearShare. It should be noted that these services differ in what they allow users. Some allow a limited number of songs or limit your tracks to a few artists only. There are also others that require a fee before you can access their playlist. To use the sites, you will have to create an account and download the streaming music player. The others require downloading of an app before you can download songs from the site. So make your blog more interesting by adding music to it. Just make sure that it does not get in the way of visitors who want to read your content. Give them the option to adjust the volume level and pause the music when they want to. Photo via

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