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Resources Businesses Can Utilize in their Blogging Efforts

Blogging, in order to be

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successful, takes commitment, creativity, excellent writing and research skills as well as updated knowledge of the industry a company belongs to. Many business organizations have attained their goals through this marketing initiative while the others are still to start on this route. blogging on product_services There are various reasons why blogging should be part of any company’s marketing strategy. It attracts more website visitors, it gains more inbound links and it results in more indexed web pages. A HubSpot report revealed that updating a business blog with at least 20 posts per month can gain five times more website traffic and four times more leads than companies without blogs.

  • Your own expertise and knowledge on the products and services you offer.
  • If you have created content earlier, they can still be repurposed. For example, you can create a 3-part series from a long article or old posts can be compiled to create an ebook.
  • Various resources are already available for businesses to tap for their blogs. Companies with more than 10 employees may have staff who are in the know about industry topics and are able to write well.
  • Industry contacts are a good source of information as well and can be interviewed.
  • Comments and questions from clients can also serve as sources of ebooks, blog pots and whitepapers.
  • If you do webinars and podcasts, you can always transcribe the audio file and then share the content on your blog.

Keep these in mind and you’ll never run out of blog posts moving forward. Photo via serverplus

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